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Sex writer for Barbi(e)turix, Pornerotic video maker, photographer & writer. Queer & sex positive feminist, vegan and bike rider. 


I have been writing articles about sex and love for four years for a french lesbian and feminist webzine called Barbi(e)turix.

I have been practicing photography for a few years and I started analog photography two years ago. One year ago, I shot my first porn short, and I shot the second in Feb.2015


République/ Filles du calvaire is the title of my second porn which is going to be the first of a serie about love.


I am working as well on two other different photography projects: one is called "Girlhood" and is about what it means to be a girl.

The other one is about self-esteem: I am taking portraits of women as they tell me about the ways they managed to love themselves. 

You can follow me on different social netwoks:


My analog photography tumblr

My porn tumblr 

My inspiration tumblr

My vimeo

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